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Please help!

via woofiegrrl:

A Japanese friend of mine wrote to me with horrifying news about the pets and animals in the exclusion zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant. As you may know, people were forced to evacuate immediately, without being able to make plans for their pets. Although there have been a few stories of rescued animals, like this one, there are still dogs and cats in horrible conditions in Minamisoma and other areas around the plant. Although there are a few people who have refused to leave their homes, they cannot possibly care for all the animals, and many are in disturbing situations I won’t describe here.

There is an online form for foreigners to submit comments to Japanese PM Naoto Kan and his cabinet. Please take a moment to fill it out and ask that they allow rescuers to enter and save the animals before sealing off the area, and establish a shelter for owners to find their pets.

You can write in any language you want, but please include the following:


This means: “Grant permission to the pet owner and rescue volunteer to retrieve the abandoned pets from the Fukushima restricted area before sealing it off! Set up a shelter for the pets while the owners are found.”

Including this will make sure the Japanese government gets the message. Note that this is not an “online petition” (those usually don’t work) but rather the actual website of the Japanese PM.

Thanks for your support.

The website is in English. This is what I wrote:


I am an American, and my heart cries for the people of Japan who are facing such severe difficulties. I have sent money in addition to prayers, and you are all in my thoughts constantly. But my heart is also heavy for the animals in the exclusion zone around Fukushima. Many pets and farm animals had to be abandoned to follow your orders to leave the area, and now the people in shelters are not allowed to go back to take care of them.

The animals are starving and lonely, confused about why no one comes to give them food, water, and care. The owners' hearts are breaking from worry about the animals they love. These people have lost everything. Being reunited with the companions they love would help them so much to deal with the pain of losing their homes, businesses and normal lives.

I beg you, please, before you seal off the area, allow owners and rescuers to enter and save the animals, and establish a shelter for owners to find their pets.

Thank you for listening.

[my full name]
Maryland, USA


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Apr. 21st, 2011 04:06 am (UTC)
Man, I hope that Japanese says what you say it says, because I just copy-and-pasted it on.
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